Scottish Association for Public Transport campaigns for

* An efficient world-class transport system for Scotland.

* Sustainable public transport for rural and urban communities

* City streets free from road traffic pollution and congestion  

* Co-ordinated train, bus and ferry services

* High Speed Rail for Scottish InterCity and Anglo-Scottish routes

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A good public transport network is essential for sustainable travel in towns, cities and rural areas. To see how bus, tram and rail services could be  co-ordinated to provide a world-class transport network for Scotland, click

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SAPT Annual General Meeting         10.30 - 13.00 Saturday 28th April 2018


                   PERTH LIBRARY, 78 George St, Perth PH1 5LB

Guest speaker:   Alex Hynes, Managing Director, ScotRail Network Rail Alliance

There will be an extra AGM session on New Tourist Trains for Scottish scenic lines

All SAPT members and associates welcome

To help support the campaign for better transport for Scotland, click About SAPT

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The Scottish rail network needs faster InterCity trains, further electrification, and a High Speed link to HS2.

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Scotland has the largest UK ferry network providing essential lifeline links to the islands.

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