Scottish Association for Public Transport campaigns for

* An efficient world-class transport system for Scotland.

* Sustainable public transport for rural and urban communities

* City streets free from road traffic pollution and congestion  

* Co-ordinated train, bus and ferry services

* High Speed Rail for Scottish InterCity and Anglo-Scottish routes

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A good public transport network is essential for sustainable travel in towns, cities and rural areas. To see how bus, tram and rail services could be  co-ordinated to provide a world-class transport network for Scotland, click

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Meeting 27/11/17 at 18.00 Napier University Merchiston Campus, Room G2 (EH10 5DT )

Prof Tom Rye, Director of Transport Research Institute and Prof of Transport Policy, Napier University, and Prof David Murray-Smith, SAPT Vice Chair, have organised a seminar at NAPIER UNIVERSITY at 18.00 on Monday 27/11/17, open to all SAPT members and students. Topics:

1:  Public transport and franchising in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – a comparative study for the Urban Transport Group.

 2: Public transport fares strategies in world cities: results of a study presented to the European Mass Transit Association

To help support the campaign for better transport for Scotland, click About SAPT

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The Scottish rail network needs faster InterCity trains, further electrification, and a High Speed link to HS2.

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Scotland has the largest UK ferry network providing essential lifeline links to the islands.

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